Front door styles: why wider doors are becoming more popular

Front door styles: why wider doors are becoming more popular

Throughout history grand, luxurious, and baroque entrances have inspired and bewildered us. A large entrance can evoke a sense of power, grandiosity, lavishness, and plenty of similar thoughts. Large entrances are often seen in places of great importance such as castles, temples, and even government establishments. The trend is, however, mimic in single-family homes as well. Some families are building or remodeling their homes with larger, more comfortable entrances in mind. There are a few reasons why this can be beneficial to a home’s façade and if done well, it can create a warm and inviting welcome.


For many, it is simply easier to have a home with a large entryway. Plenty of families have members that require accessibility for a wheelchair. Having a ramp or lift is essential and creating a large doorway will make it easier for everyone to enter and exit as they wish. It can also make trips to and from your home easier. Many of us struggle to fit through the door with an armful of groceries, a cell phone in our hands, and laundry over our shoulder. While you may not consider this a typical day, they happen more often than we think when we design our home.


The first impression is often the one that sticks. Creating an open, warm, and welcoming entrance can add relaxation to your life and make your home more inviting for your guests. Creating an entrance with a foyer or even a small bench to sit while you take off your shoes can make those in your family and those visiting feel more comfortable. Keeping the snow boots and raincoats near the doorway can also help your home stay cleaner as well.


Having a larger doorway can also help you have a better routine. By creating a larger space you are able to leave things like shoes, keys and, your coat at the door so you do not have to find them the next morning. While it may seem like a small change, it can make a big difference in time saved and stress managed.


While we already discussed larger entrances being more inviting to family and friends, it also gives your house a bit more curb appeal. Because it is large and often eye-catching, for those trying to sell their home it can be the perfect way to have potential buyers step through the door.

So if you’re wondering if a larger doorway is right for your house well, go big or go home.

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